Lobstermania slot

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lobstermania slot machine free

Here is a review of a very funny video slot, the main character is a lobster. This is a development of IGT, in which the experts known manufacturer of online gambling implemented several original features of the gameplay. They are all discussed in detail in the review.

This popular among British players slot IGT developed for use not only on desktop PCs but also on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

Gambling slot does not require downloading additional software to your computer device when using it. You can play the game of chance either for fun or for real money. When using the slot for fun does not require not only downloading additional software, but also registration on the official website of the online gambling establishment.

The review provides basic information about the mechanics of the slot, its bonus features and strategies for the gameplay. You can play for fun without registration at a value of RTP 96.52%.

Gaming slot Lobstermania overview

Slot Lobstermania developed by programmers IGT, is a very popular slot among fans of gambling entertainment.

The popularity of the slot is due to the use in its development:

  • excellent graphics;
  • fun themes;
  • exciting game mechanics;
  • additional bonus rounds.

The game has exciting gameplay with bonus rounds for the gambler to choose from. The game has a fixed jackpot, the potential amount of which is enormous and can reach a size of 50,000 bets.

The plot of the slot game revolves around fishing, lobster fishing in popular coastal areas. The slot uses quality sound and music accompaniment of the game.

Features gambling slot Lobstermania from the company IGT

Lobstermania has five reels and twenty pictures on the main screen, lining up in four rows. You can only play forty involved bands, which are formed payable combinations.

The bet is always a multiple of sixty coins, because twenty coins are automatically withdrawn for the opportunity to participate in the bonus draws. The denomination of the chips varies from one to thirty credits, so you can put at least sixty units and no more than one thousand eight hundred on a spin.

In addition to the usual pictures, acting on the standard provisions of the rules, the video slot available elements with special features, free spins with more favorable conditions, a fixed jackpot with three levels, additional multipliers and several prize rounds.

The formation of winning arrays of basic pictures takes place on the active lines. Several of the same symbols must line up on adjacent columns, starting with the first one on the left. Only the longest sequence on a single strip is payable.

The amount of winnings is calculated according to two indicators: the bet per strip and the coefficient of the formed chain, specified in the table. It ranges from x5 to x8000. If there is more than one combination in a spin, the credits are added up. There is no odds-based game, so the money is immediately withdrawn to the account.

As stated in the official reference section, the model returns payouts of 92.84% to 96.52% of users’ bets.

To control the gameplay in a gambling slot provides a special panel, which is located at the bottom of the game window.

The main controls are the following buttons:

  1. Coin Value – select the denomination of coins.
  2. Total Bet – the total bet for the round.
  3. Win – win per spin.
  4. Balance – account status.
  5. Paytable – paytable.
  6. ? – Help section.

The standard spin is triggered by the round button in the centre of the panel. In the bottom right corner there are also elements for starting the autoplay and a window for adjusting the graphics quality.

The settings also allow you to select a comfortable screen size and mute the sound.

Gaming symbols in Lobstermania by IGT

Pictures depicted on the reels of a video slot pictures correspond to the theme of sea fishing.

In the game a gambler can see:

  • a boat;
  • buoy;
  • lighthouse;
  • house on the coast.

Card denominations from eights to kings also appear on the screen in the appropriate game style. These symbols are the base symbols. Some of them can go in strips.

Additionally, the game uses several game symbols that have advanced functionality.

Free spins and bonus features in Lobstermania slot gambling by IGT

Lobstermania slot machine is an attractive slot machine for gamblers, offering more features in the game compared to other poker slots.

The gambling game has several bonus games and uses several ways to get free spins.

Random Jackpot Scatter Bonus – On any spin, the jackpot symbol can appear on top of the main symbols. If three, four or five jackpot symbols appear, the standard value is replaced and a specific jackpot is awarded to the player:

The jackpot award depends on the number of corresponding symbols appearing:

  1. 3 jackpot symbols – 2500 bets per spin.
  2. 4 jackpot symbols – 10000 bets.
  3. 5 jackpot symbols – 50,000 bets.

Only one jackpot can be awarded per spin. This cash prize cannot be won with the bonus rounds of the Freespin series.

Additional multipliers of x3 and x5 are used as a bonus feature, which can appear in a random order over the buoy, boat, lighthouse and boathouse symbols.

The main bonus features in the game are the free spins and the buoy bonus. Bonuses can be obtained in the following ways:

  • when three white Lobstermania symbols appear on the playing field, the bonus picker is triggered.
  • On the reels of three blue characters Lobstermania occurs automatically accrue a round of 5 free spins.

Both bonuses can be triggered multiple times.

Lucky Larry’s Buoy Bonus

The bonus offers three game options – Brazil, Australia or Maine. Each option involves a certain number of buoys – two, three or four. The number of buoys available in each game option corresponds to the number of lobsters that can be pulled out.

Each lobster gives an additional multiplier ranging from x10 to x575 or a golden lobster, which allows for additional bonuses like an octopus, kangaroo or pelican.

Each item gives the player an additional multiplier:

  1. Octopus (Brazil) – x200 to x1000.
  2. Kangaroo (Australia) – from x200 to x800.
  3. Pelican (Maine) – from x160 to x625.

The presence of this feature allows very quickly significantly increase the cash prize, which is due to a fan of gambling entertainment.

How to play Lobstermania slot machine from IGT

Rules used to play the game in the slot Lobstermania from IGT, are classic, all the control mechanisms of the gameplay are similar to other machines this developer.

In order to play a gamble need to do the following steps:

  • open the machine;
  • Select your stake by using the appropriate arrows;
  • Press the “Start”.

After winning a standard spin, the user can select any bonus feature. If 3x Lobstermania symbols come up, simply choose either Free Spins or Buoy Bonus.

The slot features a large number of settings that the player can change at their discretion while playing the free slot.

The information tab located in the slot’s menu provides a full amount of information about the possible payouts in the slot.

Slot payout table and getting a x8000 multiplier

This free gambling machine has two tables for calculating prize money payouts – for the base game and for the bonus round and bonus spins. The symbols are all the same, but look slightly different.

The base game has the following payouts depending on the number of symbols in the prize pay sequence:

  1. orange Lobstermania symbol: 8000 / 200 / 50
  2. Blue Lobstermania: 1000 / 200 / 50
  3. Buoy: 400 / 100 / 25
  4. Boat: 400 / 100 / 25
  5. Lighthouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  6. Boathouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  7. K / Q: 150 / 50 / 5
  8. J / 10 / 9: 100 / 20 / 5
  9. 8: 100 / 20 / 5

In free spins, the player may receive the following payouts depending on the number of symbols in the prize pay sequence:

  1. orange Lobstermania symbol: 8000 / 200 / 50
  2. Blue Lobstermania: 1000 / 200 / 50
  3. Buoy: 400 / 100 / 25
  4. Boat: 400 / 100 / 25
  5. Lighthouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  6. Boathouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  7. K / Q: 150 / 50 / 5
  8. J / 10 / 9: 100 / 20 / 5
  9. 8: 100 / 20 / 5

Prize combinations are counted from left to right. Malfunctions in the gambling slot lead to cancellation of bets, and the gameplay becomes invalid.

The orange Lobstermania symbol acts as the slot’s highest paying game element during the base game. The game of chance can be used by players both on the computer and on mobile devices running such operating systems as Android and iOS. Quite often, the slot game is embedded in online casino applications. Such applications are designed to be used on Windows Phones, Android or iPhone devices. The game slot embedded in the applications works without delays and has similar functionality to the full version of the game.

Pro tips for playing Lobstermania slot – how to bet wisely

Free Gambling Lobstermania is a fairly simple slot. There is no particular strategy that is guaranteed to give the amateur gambler a win. Players can change the settings only the size of bets per spin.

The main tips of the professionals are to control the limit on the implementation of the gameplay and control the time duration of the game session. When playing this slot, you should keep in mind that it is very easy to burn your entire bankroll. The most attractive method of playing the game will be a minimalist one.

Such a strategy is as follows:

  1. The size of the bet should choose the minimum.
  2. Increase the amount at stake after winning.
  3. А higher bet should be used until the next loss.
  4. After losing, it is necessary to return to a lower value of bet per spin.
  5. The sequence of these actions should be repeated throughout the game session.

This strategy is not the one that is guaranteed to bring great rewards in gambling. Using this method of conducting the gamble allows you to minimize the likelihood of losing the entire amount of money in the account and increase the likelihood of obtaining a significant win due to the greater number of spins and a longer game session.

Play for free without downloading and registration

Previously, the traditional game of slots gambling involved downloading additional software on computer devices. Gamblers were required not only to download additional software to their computer or laptop, but also to undergo registration procedures on the official website of the online casino, in order to be able to run gambling slots.

At the moment, such procedures are not compulsory gambling users have been given the opportunity in the case of gambling slot machines for the sake of enjoyment. Players can download a demo version of the game and have fun for free slot no download additional software and registration. Users only have to register if they are playing for real money. Advances in technology have made games more accessible without the need to download additional software to computers and mobile devices, and there is no need to register on official internet portals when using gambling slots in demonstration mode.

Chances of cash reward return and volatility rates

The return on investment is 94.90%. This value is slightly lower compared to the gambling industry average. Gambling slot Lobstermania refers to the game with medium volatility. The range of rates of return on investment ranges from 92.84% to 96.52%, depending on the size of the rate per spin. When playing for the maximum bet gambler has a chance to win a fairly large cash rewards. Slot having medium volatility has an average risk of losing the money invested.

Combined with the RTP volatility rate volatility gambling slot Lobstermania quite attractive for gamblers who are entertaining in slots in order to get a large cash reward. All of the jackpot bonus features are more lucrative and frequent than in other IGT games. The gambling slot allows for quite substantial cash payouts and the number of lines is high. Which allows you to increase your chances of winning, not only in bonus games and free spins series, but also in regular standard spins.

Playing for real money is the best way to have fun at an online casino. Before you run the slot in the game mode for money any user can learn the mechanics of the slot and the features of the slot machine in demo mode, the use of which does not require passing the registration procedure, making a deposit and confirmation of the player. Demo mode also does not require downloading additional software to your computer or mobile device.