Bier Haus slot

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bier-haus slot online free play

Beer spoils the waistline, causes bad breath and in large quantities is unhealthy, but many of us don’t deny ourselves the pleasure of having a drink or two with friends from time to time. You can enjoy it at home, but it’s much nicer to go to a good bar, where you will be treated to an aromatic drink of a well-known brand or even their own making.

It has to be said that casino software developers do not often offer free beer-themed slot machines. But periodically such video slots appear in online gambling. One of those models is the Bier Haus from the world-famous company WMS Gaming.

A general overview of the slot Bier Haus from the company WMS Gaming.

Bier Haus is a 5-reel slot machine in which you can bet on one – forty involved strips to form the prize-paying sequences of symbols. Each of them takes from one cent to one dollar. Thus, it is allowed to bet up to forty dollars per round.

In the game there are:

  • regular pictures;
  • special elements;
  • prize spins;
  • some other options.

The symbols are arranged in four rows after stopping the reels.

The bulk of the payouts accrue on combinations made up of the same pictures on the active lines. The pictures must be placed continuously, starting from the first reel on the left. In each such sequence winnings are awarded only for the longest and, accordingly, the most expensive chain. There may be more than one paying option on different strips in one spin.

Winnings are calculated by multiplying the line bet by the coefficient of combination specified for all possible sequences in a special table. They range from x5 to x500. The model does not offer odds play, so all the payouts accrued for a round are added up and end up in the main account at once.

According to the official information from the reference section, Bier Haus returns 96% of the bets placed. This figure appears on the long game play.

Bier Haus slot game symbols from WMS Gaming

The symbols used on the reels gambling slot pictures. Which, one way or another, have a connection with the heady beverage.

On the reels of the slot machine can be seen:

  1. Beer keg.
  2. Аccordion.
  3. A beautiful town.
  4. Glass.
  5. Acorns.
  6. A mustachioed man with a mug of beer.
  7. A gem of gemstones, as if the suits of playing cards were made of gems.

In gambling free slot game in the process of playing involved a few special characters with extended functionality.

Special pictures that perform special functions are:

  • Wild – three glasses of beer;
  • Feature – busty blonde;
  • Gold Feature – the same girl with the glasses.

The Wild is used as a substitute for other elements in combinations. In order to complete the chain, he must be in the right position. He is not able to substitute for the bonus pictures.

Feature and Gold Feature trigger prize spins, which can be up to eighty. In them, the bet and the number of lines involved remain the same as in the last spin, but the money for the customer is put by the casino. Here the Wild symbols appearing on the reels remain in their positions until the end.

There are no themed prize rounds. There is no progressive jackpot in the video slot.

How to play the Bier Haus slot machine

The slot machine has very few buttons that gamblers interact with. To control the gameplay in the slot gameplay provides a control panel for the gameplay. The control panel is located at the bottom of the game window. The purpose of all the elements is intuitive. Therefore, they easily understand even a novice amateur gambler. You need only pay attention to some of the features of the interface.

Let’s start with the system of selecting bets and active lines. There are two panel options available. They are switched by small buttons in the bottom left corner. In one of them you can set the lines and the bet on each of them, and in the other one you choose the amount put on the stakes at once.

Spinning reels can not be stopped prematurely. So you have to wait until the spin completes itself. You can speed up the gameplay by using auto mode.

Payout table is quite informative. It contains multipliers calculating the payout, the layout of lines on the screen and basic information about the rules. Many of the provisions are discussed in more detail in the additional help section. It opens in a separate window button with a question mark. It is located in the top right corner.

User options allow you to adjust the settings for automatic play mode, select a comfortable screen size, mute the sound and make some other changes.

How to play for real money machine Bier Haus

To play the machine for real money would first need to choose a suitable online casino, in the catalogue which is present gambling slot. Next, the player must register on the official website gambling online club. After registration is required to confirm the identity of the player. Verification of copies of the documents provided by the player to pass the verification procedure may take several days. After confirming the identity of a gambler gets the opportunity not only to replenish the gaming account. But also to withdraw the won funds.

Most online casinos provide the use of a large number of payment instruments for financial transactions. After making the first deposit to the game account, a player may expect to receive a welcome incentive. Additionally, many casinos attract users qualitatively thought-out bonus program. This can be either permanent bonuses or temporary, which are issued during some promotions administration online casino.

When playing for real money slot does not differ from the functioning of the machine in demo mode.

Do slot-game Bier Haus has a mobile version, which works on any mobile devices that operate under the operating system android or IOS. The game scales to fit the screen size through flexible HTML5 development and does not require a lot of mobile resources or fast internet connection to download. The game slot can be run on any gadget in the browser window installed on your tablet or smartphone.

How to play Bier Haus for free

New players can use the demo version of the slot to study the features of the game and mechanics of the slot. Even after thoroughly studying the work of the slot can not guarantee a regular win, but it can be achieved with constant practice and careful use of the slot game symbols present.

Gamblers can have fun for free on the slot Bier Haus not only on a desktop computer or laptop, but through the use of technology HTML5 slot is easily run without downloading into the browser of any mobile device that is functioning under the Android and iOS operating systems.

The slot was developed using high quality graphics and slot adaptation technology, so it became possible to run the slot on mobile gadgets with different screen sizes and resolutions.

The gameplay is online, so the gambler does not need to download and install additional software on your device to be able to have fun playing gambling slot.